About ugmmichael

I am a Inter-Global-Topologist, a researcher, investigator, compiler of rare documentation and information covering the complete subject of the Hollow Earth via the Middle Earth Central Kingdom, the Inner Earth Subterranean dominions including the ancient tunneling systems, cities and all surface portal entries location to same throughout the surface of our Divine Mother Gaia. I am also a trained Remote-Viewer and Sidda for Gaia Healing Meditation. I am here now due to the calling from my Overseers, the Forces of Light. I am at your service, respectfully



A Challenge to Secrecy


My obsession is collecting three major national/global security secrets concerning; One, Inter-Global Topology, the Middle Earth and (Planetary Central Kingdoms), Inner Earth (Subterranean Dominions & the Major Ancient Circumventing Tunneling Systems); Two, Multidimensional Contacts (UFO, IFO, Telepathic Communications); Three, Global Genetic Engineering (Robotoids, Synthetics, Clones, Androids, created and deployed human duplicates and personal Contact with same) as weapons of war and Dominate Control.